A history of delivering excellent service

Yonet Telecom was formed by telecom industry professionals with decades of experience at the forefront of telecom technology and service provision who were tired of relying on traditional national telecom operators. Therefore, we have put together a team of partners that enable us to provide the best possible high speed broadband service at superfast and ultrafast speeds without being encumbered on the national telecom operator.


At Yonet Telecom Limited, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future.

Yonet provides solutions telecom and networking for businesses of any size including telephone, broadband, WiFi, CCTV and we have recently expanded our services to include energy supply services. We aim to provide cost effective solutions to enable your business to be more effective and efficient.

We always seek valuable feedback from our clients in order to learn and evolve. Contact us today to discover how we can help you get connected.



Who’s Who


Managing Director

For over 25 years, James has been providing services to large and small companies, telecom companies and governments around the world.  He has used satellite, wireless, fibre and other fixed line telecom network solutions to meet customer requirements. He hates waste, waiting and poor services and wants his customers to have the best services without the wait. Some of his achievements include: 

  • Design and manufacture of industrial grade wireless telecom equipment and solutions for delivering Internet services into remote, rural and suburban locations, CCTV and many other applications.  

  • Delivery of Internet trunking links as the first competitor to incumbent telecom operators in Poland and Saudi Arabia then into other areas of Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa

  • Pioneering digital video transmissions across the Atlantic for major global television broadcasters such as ABC, BBC, CBS, ESPN, ITN, Sky and many more.

  • Live satellite distribution of major events including the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cup, ATP Tennis and hundreds more. 


Head of Design & Operations

Rick established his first Wireless ISP, 600Amps Internet Services in 2007 and has been installing and operating Internet services for business and residential clients ever since. He is responsible for network design and operations ensuring our customers receive the highest quality of service.