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Moving in to a new premise with poor Internet connectivity


Executive Summary

Synthetix is reliant on providing the best Internet delivered customer care solutions to its global clients and required good connectivity when it moved to a new premises. After being promised fibre delivery by a leading UK ISP before it moved in to its new corporate headquarters, Synthetix approached Yonet for advice on back-up and disaster recovery options.  After reviewing customer requirements and survey of the new premises, a 4G solution was recommended. The Bugati recommended solution was:

  • delivered within days and set-up within hours, and

  • delivered 40Mbps Internet speeds


As a successful and growing business, Synthetix required new and larger premises. After securing a location a stone’s throw away from their current location, they sought and received promises of fibre Internet connection prior to moving in. 


Growing concerned of the lack of information from the fibre ISP in the weeks running up to move in, and as part of its disaster recovery plan, Synthetix approached Yonet for advice on the best solutions to meet its requirements.

How Product Helped

Yonet gathered the business needs and requirements, including a site survey of the new office location and made recommendations for high speed, high availability Internet connectivity options for fail-over and diverse network routing, ensuring optimum network uptime.

The industrial, business grade 4G (fixed IP address) solution, including high-gain external antenna and multi-functional indoor modem / router, providing automatic fail-over to landline Internet connection was delivered in a few days and set-up in hours on the first day in the new offices.

Delivering 40Mbps upload / download speeds, Synthetix was able to operate its business in its new premises from day 1, prior to the fibre based Internet solution being installed. It has continued to provide reliable connectivity, enabling Synthetix to continue its business operations ever since.

Results and Future Plans

Synthetix reliably uses in excess of 100GBytes per month over the Bugati provided solution for a cost similar to that of business grade fibre.  Once the fibre is eventually installed, the 4G solution will become the back-up solution for when the fibre fails.

With technical support and remote access and monitoring available, Synthetix remain assured that this solution will remain in service when they most need it.

Synthetix continues to discuss and take advice on its Internet and communications requirements with Yonet.

Rapid deploy & back-up internet: Project
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