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Superfast rural broadband


Executive Summary

Award winning photo retouch service provider, Photo Transform, sends and receives large, high resolution images with its customers.  An office move to a beautiful location required high speed Internet access but with only access to a very limited service through the traditional BT phone line would severely impair its speed of response.  With this major connection problem, Photo Transform approached Yonet Telecom for help on getting a Superfast Internet service.  Following a review and site survey of the new premises, a 4G solution was recommended. The Yonet Telecom recommended solution was then:

  • delivered within days and set-up within hours, and

  • delivered 30Mbps Internet speeds



As a growing SME business in the creative sector working with digital images, it was imperative to have a Superfast broadband, not the sub 2Mbps on offer via the BT phone line. 

Having moved its operations to the new office, a quick solution was needed because there were no plans for fibre to the cabinet in the locale.


How Product Helped

Yonet ensured it understood the business needs and requirements, including a site survey of the new office location and made recommendations for high speed, high availability Internet connectivity options.

The industrial, business grade 4G solution, including high-gain external antenna and multi-functional indoor modem / router was delivered in a few days and set-up in hours on the first day in the new offices.


Delivering 25Mbps upload / download speeds, Photo Transform was able to easily operate its business in its new premises.


Results and Future Plans

Photo Transform reliably uses the Yonet Telecom provided solution for a cost similar to that of fibre to the cabinet services.


With technical support and remote access and monitoring available, Photo Transform remain assured that this solution will remain in service when they most need it. 

Internet for Small rural business: Project
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